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    Full Outer join

    Philip George



      How can I apply full outer join in Tableau through custom SQl.




      Philip George

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          Hello Philip,


          Have you tried the options listed on this knowledge base article?


          If you let us know any further specific issues are facing, I am sure we could help you!




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            Philip George

            Thanks Siraj,


            I saw that article.it was helpful.

            I have one query.


            I have 3 tables One main Table(A) and two sub tables(B and C).


            In table A there is a unique column(CL1)

            In table B and C CL1 is present but that is not unique.So basically a 1:N join is happening between table A to B and Table A to C.

            There is no other composite key also present between these tables.

            if I do some calculations like sum(<any measure in table A>).the value I am getting is more because number of rows have increased.

            Is there any way I can do a sum(distinct <measure in tableA>).

            I tried it.but it is not working.I am using Tableau public.


            Is there any other ways to solve the issue?




            Philip George