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    Actions and other issues

    manideepak ganapathi

      Hi everyone,


      I'm planning to achieve a click and navigate sort of environment (typically done through HTML) in Tableau. To give more context and background to the problem, I have attached two images:


      1.Options.png: This is the first view I want to replicate on a Tableau environment. Here, there are several options (in this case Capability, User type and Business function). When I click on one of these options (let's say business function), it should take me to the next view or dashboard which has further options under business function


      2. Business function.png: This is the second or next view that I should land on, when I click on business function in the first view on a Tableau environment. Under business function, there will be multiple divisions pertaining to business function



      • Firstly, there is a problem with actions where I need to put all the options in different sheets (i.e. Capability, User type and Business function in different sheets) to enable navigation from this screen to the next. This would restrict me automating addition of further more options to the current list of options through the data (Data format is attached). I haven't fetched enough answers though on this issue (http://community.tableau.com/thread/120665)
      • I have issues replicating the options and business function images in Tableau especially from a design perspective. The closer I could come on Tableau is shown in Tableau_Business function.png. I have used the following link http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-table-contents-navigate-other-dashboards that helped me show the options in a "Table of contents" form.


      Please let me know if there is are workarounds for the above stated issues. I would be happy to elaborate more on this problem in case you have trouble understanding the issues above.Thanks in advance for the quick and smart replies.




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          Hello Manideepak,


          I have attempted to create a navigation structure using the images and the details that you have outlined on your post above. I am attaching the workbook here - Is this what you were looking for?




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            manideepak ganapathi

            Thank you so much Siraj for the reply. This is of great help. I have already started using most parts of the dashboard you have created . I'll get back you in case I have any queries.




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              Abhay Singh

              Hello Siraj,


              I went through the file attached by you in the previous reply. Its very helpful, I am working on something similar and following are some of the challenges that i am facing

              1. When I trasition from one view to another by clicking on one of the choices and later comeback to the same view by hitting the Home button on the next view, the image is still selected. Is there any way to have nothing selected when we comeback to first view after hitting the home button.
              2. Sometimes when we transition from first view to second view using action the home button disappears.
              3. In the attached file, can we show an image in the second view that should appear only when USER TYPE is selected in the first view and not for any other selection on first view.
              4. Can the size of the "view tools" image in second view be made constant ? Currently, the size is changing based on the number of images in second view in the attached file. I would like the size to be constant and not vary with the number of images in the view.