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    How to Not show Non-Business Days in a Monthly Line Chart

    David Steinore

      As you can see below all days of the month of October are shown.


      However, the goal is to NOT show the “non-business” days, i.e. Sat, Sun and in October’s case Oct 8th Columbus day.


      There is a Y/N field “Bus_Day_Flag” in the data.

      I’ve set the Filter and Quick Filter to exclude the “N” values.


      And one can see that the filter is taking effect, because no tooltips show up on those days (Oct 6,7,8)

      However, the goal is to not have any dates visible at all for this days, i.e. no columns.


      I can, of course, manipulate the data, but since the exclusion of non-business days is a common report for us, I would rather do it on the presentation side.


      Any ideas?