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    How can I plot two different sets of lat/longs on a map ?

    Karpura Suryadevara

      I have two different data sets (different data tables) of lat/longs. There is one field (name) that joins them. However, when I go to plot on Tableau, it allows me to plot only one set of lat/longs from any one table, but not both. Tableau complains that we have to link the tables, but even after linking them with the "name", the same error pops up.


      Table 1 structure:

      Name, lat, long

      Name 1,lat-n1,long-n1

      Name 2,lat-n2,long-n2


      Table 2 structure:

      Name, Event, lat, long

      Name1, event1, lat-e1, long-e1

      Name1, event2, lat-e2, long-e2

      Name1, event3, lat-e3, long-e3


      I can plot either the lat/longs from Table 2 or Table 1 separately but not both at a time. I suppose Tableau is complaining that the same name has different lat/longs...


      Any ideas ?