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    Web server password - want browser to remember

    Frances Holland

      I have a web server already set up that was done before I started working here, and I'd like to change something on it.  I'm new to Tableau and don't know where to go for this - if anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.


      When logging in, browsers don't save the passwords - we have numerous clients we log in as and would really find it useful if we could save passwords.  I've found the issue - it's the tag in the html that says autocomplete="off".


      Does anyone know where to change this setting?

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          Matt Morgenroth

          This was done to comply with the many customer requests to prevent saving any part of user credentials.

          I have not found a Tableau Server setting (rather brief search) that will change this behavior.


          As an alternative, I use an add-on called 'Last Pass' (works on FF, IE, Saf, Chrome) to remember and auto-login with my credentials.

          IT is free and may be the thing that speeds up your logging into many servers with alternate credentials.