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    Mapping Help - Creating Dual Axis Map with Permanent Data Set

    Josh Pashman

      Hi all -


      I have a data set of all the zip codes in my market that have been subdivided into different districts. I can easily create a filled map with labels based on zip codes.  But I have two questions:


      1)  How do I make shape files out of each distinct district so that a single Label appears for that district?




      2) How do I make this a permanent "underlayer" so that every-time I add data using a different data source for the region.I can view the background district info? I assume its a dual axis map.  But I simply do not know how to make this map.  For instance, here I see the volumes for facility #2, but behidn it I want to view the filled in regional areas.  I could then have another map for facility #3 in the area that does the same one day, and so forth.


      I know this is easily done - just not sure how to create this permanent data layer to interface with all subsequent datasets for each facility.


      Thanks for help!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Josh,


          What technique are you using to color your regions? You might be able to average the latitudes and longitudes of that set of zips to get your labels all stacked on top of each other near the center of the region. Then there's a IF FIRST()==0 formula that might work to trim that to a single label.


          Yes putting these together on a dual axis should work just fine, especially if you don't want labels on both map layers. Rather than going the shape route, you might find it easier to just take a screen shot of your regions, add whatever labels you want (even nice legends, including a scale indicator) and then use that as a background map image. The first one will be a bit tricky to set up, but after that it will be easy to swap out your data sets.


          If you can post a sample packaged workbook, or a data set, I can get you started.



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            Josh Pashman

            Shawn -


            Thank you for your email.  I was able to make a very bad work around for the interim, but still need a better solution for hte long run. I am attaching the source data that indicates the "DISTRICTS". They are effectively stratified by zip codes. 


            I am a little nervous about the screen shot idea because each time I run a new map, it will insist upon always been the same sizing to use the layered photo.  For my work sometimes I need to zoom in on an area and other times zoom out... depending. 


            But welcome any thoughts you may have on how to get this going.


            Thank you for taking the time!