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    totals change on drill down

    Zach Drew

      My data is filtered to a month.

      Its blended data using the the date.


      My view is one month with a drilldown to days.


      The grand total changes when I move from month to days.


      I have no idea why this could be happening.  All things being equal, if I am not changing my filters and merely drilling down using the pils in the column shelf, what could be causing the change?


      EDIT -  The drill down issue seems to only be  a problem for one side of the blended data.

      I duplicated the worksheet and removed the blended data keeping only data from one side.


      I get the same behavior for this specific data.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Zach,


          Would you be able to post the workbook (twbx file)?



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            Zach Drew

            I can't.
            It contains sensitive emergency caller data that can't be cleaned. 

            I am actually using personally identifiable data which happens to be unique to generate counts :-(.

            ISO 270001 policies in place prevent me from sharing it outside of my department.


            I have been doing some additional testing.


            there are two datasources, both are made up of 4 tables from oracle.

            I am using extracts and I have created three calculated fields.

            The calculations are simple COUNT(value1) and COUNTD(value2)

            If I make discrete worksheets for each source, the drilling up and down doesn't affect the grand total.


            When I blend the data using a date time value, I get odd behavior.


            When I initially thought there was a problem that was limited to a single datasource, it turned out that I had a pill from source B still in one of my shelves.


            Here is where it gets really crazy


            If I start with Source A and blend in source B, Source B's totals change on the drill down.

            If I start with Source B and blend in source A, Source A's totals change on the drill down


            For my Columns I am using a common date field which tableau recognized automatically.

            Initially I was calculating a change for a different timezone, but I attempted to use the values from the datasource without adjusting for timezones and I still have the problem ( I was thinking maybe one was in PDT and the other was still in GMT, however that shouldn't matter if the whole sheet is filtered to a single month)


            I know this is a really weird issue and my inability to share the report makes it difficult to help with but I can't fathom what I could possibly be doing that would cause this behavior.