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    date filter as hierarchy?

    Ronak Patel

      is it possible to show a filter on a dashboard but have as a hieararchy. I found this link http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v7.0/server/en-us/filter_quick.htm which says to use a "Multiple Value List" but thats only for multi-dimensional data. If my source is not multi-dimensional, how can I do that if I'm extracting data from a transaction system into the tableau server?

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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Ronak,


          I'm not sure that's all possible in a single filter, but you could certainly add a separate filter for each discrete dimension value:

          DAY([DateField]) on down to second and millisecond if you so choose...


          Just add the [DateField] to the "Level of Detail" shelf, make sure the pill is set to Discrete, and then choose the hierachy level you want from the options.  Then drag it up to Filter and drag it (from the Data pane) onto "Level of Detail" again to repeat.


          Does that help?

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            Ronak Patel

            that does help, but what if I want to filter 10/3/2012 and 9/14/2012. I feel like that would be possible with the above method.

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              Mark Holtz

              Really, you can offer any or all of the discrete (blue) filter options to users. Just drag your date field to the filter shelf once again, and for this one, select Month/Day/Year. 


              If you are going to have this many variations, you might find that it would be a bit neater to create 2 date parameters as Start Date and End Date.


              Then, create a single calculated field as:
              IF [DateField >= [Start Date] AND [DateField] <= [End Date]
              THEN 'Show'
              ELSE 'Filter'


              Then, just filter on your calculated field exposing 'Show' only.

              Now your user can set any date they want...

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                Ronak Patel

                Hey Mark,


                I think the challenge is i'm trying to have the date display as a hierarchy in the filter so the user doens't have to scroll through all of the dates. Or if the user wants to select Q2 of 2012, the user can click Q2 in the hierarchy, and then select any other dates not in Q2. Sort of like how a date dimension would be setup in an OLAP envirornment as a hieararchy...