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    How to change the GRAND TOTAL to aggregate as as different measure

    . Marellano

      Hello Tableau Forum,


      I have a simple bar chart measuring the "Average $", year-over-year for 3 Auto Loan categories (please view attached image).  The Grand Total automatically averages all 3 categories as well.  However, I like the Grand Total to measure by the SUM of all the Averages. 


      For example, the chart shows the following "averages" for total $ in 2010:


      Other Auto:                                   3.6M

      New Auto:                                   13.4M

      Used Auto:                                  25.5M


      Grand Tot:                                   14.2M


      Grand Tot (as sum of avg):              42.5M


      I tried playing with some table calculations to no avail. 


      Thank you in advance,