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    Limiting the data for users upon login?

    Wolverine .

      Dear All,


      With Tableau, does any of you have any exposure of limiting the data for users upon Login? Or are you aware if Tableau even provides that functionality? I understand some of the peer tools such as Spotfire give the users that option while they enter their login credentials. That way, a user looking after the America segment won't have to deal with the data pertaining to Europe or Middle East, resulting in a more precise viewing and enhanced performance.


      Any thoughts?




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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Saad -


          You can get to the same end result with Tableau, but we approach the process differently.


          Add your Segment as a Filter in the report. Then, the user can choose the value they want and leverage the "Remember Me" feature to save a modified (Segment = Some Value) version of the report for themselves. They can make that version of the report their default.


          If you don't like this approach, you can look at User Filters and filter the report ahead of time on a per-user basis.

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            Wolverine .

            Hi Russell,


            Indeed I am aware of the two options that you just talked about. Guess I will take it as a Tool-specific feature that is probably unique to Spotfire, and will continue to persist with the "Remember my Views" preference.


            Thanks for your time,