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    Index table calculation

    Matthew Davis

      I am currently using an Index() to limit the number of records being displayed.  This is the desired table calculation



      On this particular page there is a dimension (GL Acct) on the filter shelf that is selecting two members and is causing a summation which is the desired viz,  However due to an action filter on the dashboard that is filtering on select fields (Vendor Parent and GL Acct) I had to include [GL ACCT] on the level of detail shelf.  This is changing the table calculation for the index to



      Is it possible to alter the table calculation to reflect the first image while leaving [GL Acct] on the level of detail shelf?


      Is it possible to filter based on [GL Acct] if it only exists on the filter shelf?

      I am open to other suggestions as well

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Matthew,


          Would it be possible to post the workbook (twbx file)?



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            Matthew Davis

            Do to company policy I am unable. I have taken screen shots of the steps and what I am talking about hopefully this will help.

            This is currently the configuration of my filter and level of details. I would like to point out the [GL Account] on the filter shelf



            I have selected two values from the [GL Account].


            I edit the table calculation on Index() then select advance.


            This the description generated.


            With this configuration I get an error on an action saying the [GL Account] is missing from the worksheet.


            In order to resolve this issue I had to add the GL account field to the Level of Details. This also changes to GL Account pill on the filters shelf.


            Now when I edit the table calculation for the Index()


            The description this time is computing for each [GL Account], which means if I filter the index to show the top ten vendors I will get the top ten vendor in each GL Account (20 total).



            I hope this helps.

            If not it may be possible for me to host a GoToMeeting to show you what I am dealing with, but I would need to get approval first. 


            Thank you for your help.