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    How do I make an aggregate value a weighted average instead of a simple average?

    Nayana Wagle

      This is possibly a fairly common question - but I couldn't find a link that talked about this - so figured I'd ask.


      I have a hierarchy set up where a Line of Business has multiple Departments under it.


      Department A is under LOB1 and has a profit margin of 10% on a sale of $100,000.

      Department B is under LOB1 and has a profit margin of 7% on a sale of $1,000,000.


      Now I have a table that shows the profit margin by LOB.

      The profit margin LOB1  it takes a simple average of 10% and 7% and says my LOB profit margin is 8.5%. But obviously that's not right. How do I make Tableau take the sale value into consideration?