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    Top N over time?

    Chris Tsui

      Hi All,


      I have been working on trying to rank companies per year and was using context filters to do so. 

      I have placed the company name on the rows shelf, Year on the Columns Shelf and the Sum of units as the Measure (Using dummy data)


      I created a filter for company using the Top 2 based on the Sum of Units Measure

      The result is the top company over all the years (regardless of individual year numbers) which is to be expected.

      What I then wanted to do (or was hoping for) was to set the year dimension as context and then I the ranking would be done on a year per year basis.  However setting the Year filter as context didn't actually change any of my data


      What I'm hoping for is a year by year ranking of the companies but am unable to figure out how to do so.


      I imagine there must be a very simple thing I'm doing wrong but can't seem to figure it out.  I did a quick search on the forum but couldn't quite find anything that applied (I didn't search exhaustively though)


      I'ave attached a sample TWBX that I used to try to mimic the actual data I have.


      Any help you all have would be much appreciated