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    HTML Tooltips

    Tim Pers



      I was wondering, since Tableau Public and Server have HTML-based displays, if there was any way to include HTML code in the tooltips. For example, embedding a Youtube video in the tooltip. I know you can add in a web link via Actions, but that is very limited and not even in the tooltip editor.


      Thank you.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Tim,


          Currently, this is not possible--but it's a great one for the Ideas section!



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            Avinash Patel

            Hi Tracy,


            Similar question, when dealing with dashboards since there is so much data to show, my client dashboard get so clutter and compact that there is no space to put the little detail for each of the sheets and cannot use caption because it takes extra space, so my question is- Can we put a HTML tooltip or something like that on each of the titles of the sheet ????


            My client says "if u can show such beautiful information on mouse over of data and maps, why can't the same in Title ??? " and that left me speechless .... please help ..


            Thanks and regards,


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              Andy Piper



              If you're just looking for the capabilities of what you can do in a tooltip within a title of a sheet, then it is possible (as long as you don't use the default title). Here's what to do:


              1. Create a new worksheet named "Dashboard Title" or whatever you wish to use
              2. Create a new calculated field named "Dashboard Title" or whatever you wish to use
                • the formula is a text string that has your title in quotes
                  • i.e.:  "Amazing Things Can Happen Using Tooltips"
              3. Place your new field on the text shelf.
              4. Format the text the way you wish (bold, larger font, no lines from the table) so it looks like a title.
              5. Create a tooltip for your title.


              On your dashboard, do not show the title. Instead, bring over your Dashboard Title workbook and place appropriately. You can do this in place of dashboard titles or workbook titles within the dashboard.


              You also have the flexibility to rotate the text of the title - something that cannot be done with the existing Title format options.


              Hope this helps,



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                Avinash Patel

                Thanks Andy..