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    Help- calculating Geographic Distance and incorporating logical statements

    Carson B

      From a real estate prospective, I'm trying to create a dashboard that will do a little bit of thinking for me. As the sample workbook shows, I have a map of the US with various offices and associated square footage, number of employees, and number of empty employee seats.


      Is it possible for Tableau to highlight (within the table and/or on the map itself) or otherwise emphasize a particular office when a certain set of conditions are met?


      For example, has the measure of SF/Person dropped below 100? If so, highlight in red.


      If twp offices are within 100 miles of each other and: one has a negative number of available employee seats (too many people); and the other has 5 or more empty seats; highlight in green, or highlight on the map, or whatever. In other words, identify candidates for merger/acquisition or employee relocation


      These are just examples- the criteria might turn out to be 150 miles, or 10 empty seats, and the spreadsheet would always be expanding with new data. Can anyone help write this type of statement?


      Thanks in advance