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    Contents of tsbak file

    Bhavik Mehta

      What are the contents of .tsbak file?


      does it contain - data sources, workbooks, users, groups?




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          Russell Christopher

          Rename it to .zip and you can browse around yourself


          But to answer your question:


          The two main components are a SQL script which can re-create data sources / workbooks / users / groups and backups of the extracts you may have published to the server.


          Keep in mind that all of the ds/workbook/user/group info are in BLOBs, so even though you can read through the script, you won't see references to individual workbooks, users, etc.

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            Matt Morgenroth

            the .tsbak will contain everything that makes your Tableau Server uniquely yours.

            The tsbak taken from one installation and restored to a new installation (same hardware, distributed configuration please), will appear identical to your users in all ways.


            use the --no-config switch to change the configuration while restoring, see our online manuals for more on that


            What it will not include are your SSL cert files (if used), and customizations like custom logo (a supported option, just not included in the backup file) or any hacking of the CSS/HTML you may have done (not supported, upgraded version may not function with your HTML alterations).


            It is recommended that the backup process be performed regularly to have on hand for an emergency backup.

            This is superior to backup via saving an image of the operating system as this can lead to broken licensing and your recovery will then be at a halt until Tableau Support can respond, coordinate a webex, login to your instance and fix the licensing.  Not good.  Always go for the backup/restore.

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