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    Calculation does not match to EXCEL result

      Hi everyone,

      TWB file is connected to 3 data files (basic, issue and message).


      Data explanation:

      Favourability rating is a scale given to A story of AN article, an article can be multi stories, and the data in column favourability rating is the total sum of an article ( number of stories * fav rating).


      As a result, if we need to calculate the fav rating of average of a list articles, it does not match to excel's result


      please see the example provided in attachment.


      Sheet 6 and 7 content same filters:

      competitor name - SAP

      Issue category = Management issues


      the result in sheet 6 shows Avg Fav rating = 51.30150, which is not correct for number of stories of 5413 and no articles of 1836.

      the date in sheet7 is the list of article based on the filter above.



      I have exported it into excel file.

      the calculation result (highlighted) by excel file is sum (c1:c1837) / e1838 = 53.7527233

      can anyone help