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    Identifying duplicates easily

    Joe Madigan

      Does anyone know an easy way to highlight duplicate fields? I have a lot of data and am trying to identify duplicates in one particular field? Thanks.

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          Alex Kerin

          One way would be to drag all of the fields you consider makes it a duplicate out to Rows, make them all discrete, then use a filter on sum(number of records) to see how many are duplicated.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Similar to Alex's, drag all the fields to make a unique record onto Rows, make them discrete, then put Number of Records on Columns. If you only see an axis from 0 to 2, then all the bars will be at 1 and all the records are unique, otherwise there are duplicate records. You can then use the one-click sort on the Number of Records axis to sort for the duplicates.


            Re-reading your question, are you trying to count how many times a particular value in a single field is used? You can use the same process for just one field.



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              Joe Madigan

              Jonathan/Alex, Many thanks so far. The field that I am checking for duplicates is a Dimension. It is a list of Purchase Order numbers where I'm checking to see if there are any duplicates implying that we placed the same order twice. I cannot make a Dimension discrete, do I need to convert it first?

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                Jonathan Drummey

                If the icon to the left of the Purchase Order numbers in the Dimensions window is blue, it's Discrete already and will be a blue pill when you drag it onto the view. If the icon is green or when you drag it out you get a green pill, it's continous and you can right-click on it to set it to Discrete.


                Generally, by default Dimensions are discrete and Measures are continuous, but each can be the other.