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    Arithmetic with calculated fields

    Zach Drew

      I am running into a problem with using math.


      I have multiple calculated fields (all are count or countd) across two data sources.


      The data sources are blending fine and I can put each discrete calculated field on the view.


      I can't post the data due to it being Emergency call data but here's the relevant setup.


      I am counting calls by 911 center and day.

      The calculated field is basically a count(value).

      The calculations work fabulously when I put each data sources calculated field in the measure values but I end up with two rows of call counts.

      one for data source 1 and 1 for data source 2.


      I thought I could be clever and make another calculated field [calculation1]+[calculation2]


      unfortunately when I do this, the only numbers which show up are calculation2,


      Both Calculation1 and calculation2 yield integer results.


      I am not sure why this isn't working.

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          Zach Drew

          I figured out how to get it to work.



          IFNULL([Calculation1]+[Calculation2].[Calculation1] )


          The nature of the beast is that while my data is blended on 911 call center and date, calculation2 has no values before certain dates while calculation1 does


          I still don't understand why it just doesn't assume 0 when one side of the blended data is missing.