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    create parameter/calculate field - formula error?

    Hunter Schimpff

      When I do the steps to create a parameter, then calculated field to get a filter to be used across multiple data sources, on the filter (calculated field) it is only showing the first value from the parameter I create.


      I think I am messing up on the calculated field formula.  In my formula I have "str([MS names])" where MS names is the parameter name. I thought I could just put that in and it would return all the category values.


      When I show parameter control, all the categories are there for MS names, I'm just not getting it translated correctly into the calculated field.


      It's just meant to be a simple filter that would work like a multiple value list quick filter.


      Any thoughts on what the formula should be?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm not sure whether I understand your issue. When you say that the calculated field is showing only the first value from the parameter, I think what you're seeing its that parameters are single-select, not multi-select like the multiple value list quick filter that has multiple check boxes. That's why parameters just have sliders, drop-downs, and radio buttons as options.


          If you have a field that you want to filter across data sources that gives you a multi-select option, the two choices are a global quick filter (which can be slow in cases) or an action filter based on a worksheet (which can be very fast, but isn't as intuitive to use).


          Does that answer your question?



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            Hunter Schimpff

            thanks for your response. That is a good point. I'm not sure if I'm even trying for the right solution.


            On the screen shot I attached, I am trying to get the school name to be the main global filter choice so when a user picks a school, all other boxes isolate to that particular school or schools.


            Then I wanted users to be able to filter by each growth metric (where it says select growth metric) & by subject (where it says "filter by subject") AFTER they had selected 1 or a couple of schools.


            When I had a filter established for subject proficiency, I couldn't put the growth metrics in as measures because those metrics would then appear in the filter list for subject proficiency (and vice versa, subjects would appear in growth metrics). I am trying to differentiate the two and haven't been able to do so.


            So my workaround was trying to do a parameter/calculated field that I read about...maybe I need to set up an action on the filter?  I tried that too, but obviously didn't do it correctly.


            Which would you suggest? Thanks for your help.


            (screen shot has shots of dropdowns after a set of schools is selected)