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    calculate previous date value

    Bart Valgaerts

      Hi everyone,


      i'm building a new TB dashboard. Dashboard is just a table with some calculations.


      What I need to show, is a sales number of the current date, but also the sales number of the previous date.


      Does anybody know how the show the value of the previous date as well? I can calculate the previous day, based on the current date, but I can't seem to show the sales value of the previous date.


      I'm calculating my previous date useing this calculation for [Previous Day]: DATEADD('day',-1,[Date])


      And my previous sales value: IF([Date] = [Previous Day]) THEN ([Effective occupation actual]/[Approved licenses])*100 ELSE 0 END


      But the value of the previous sales value keeps giving me 0.


      The table in which I show my data, is filtered on todays date.


      Any suggestions?