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    Column names showing at top of chart

    Frances Holland

      I have a bar chart with two columns - week, and order type.  I would like these both to show below the chart - so week is below order type, and each week has the two order types within it.


      The chart is set up nicely at the moment, however I have order type at the bottom (correct) and week above the chart (incorrect).  I can't seem to drag and drop week below order type.


      How can I change the placement of the column names, so that they both show below the chart?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Though you can force all the column names to be at the top - by going to Analysis->Table Layout->Advanced..., then turning off "Show innermost level at bottom of view when there is a vertical axis" - I don't know of a way to do the opposite in a single view. I think your only option is to set up a 2nd worksheet that has both the column names together, then use that in a dashboard. I set this up in the attached, using Pie marks for the 2nd worksheet (because we can resize them to be infinitely small) and making the axis label white text on a white background (to preserve spacing).



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