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    Tableau Server Extract 'Refresh Data' Button question

    Mark Bingham



      I am currently working on automating my refresh process regarding monthly data using extracts.  I have set up the dating process so that once the refresh is conducted, the dates are based off of a "today()" calculation in Tableau.  However, the information is not updated on the 1st day of the month, but comes out mid-month.  Therefore, there is a problem with the 'refresh data' button being available for users.  I would like to know if there is a way to disable this feature, or to edit the data connection in server so that the scheduled refresh is the only possible source of gathering new data into the workbook.




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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Mark,


          Not sure I exactly understand the question.  If you embed your Tableau dashboard in a link, you can add url parameters to toggle many things, including the "default toolbar" which shows the Refresh button I believe you're referring to...

          You'd want something like this sample line:


          However, users could still theoretically go to the report's url on your Tableau Server and get to the refresh button.


          Would a better solution be to pull a datestamp at the time the data is pulled, rather than creating a "today()" function within Tableau (as you have observed, that function will always update when the view is refreshed)?


          If you are pulling your data via SQL server, or from any database, you should be able to use a GETDATE() AS [UpdateDate] or something similar in your select statement. This will stamp the time the query is executed (i.e., when the data is actually refreshed, no matter how many times the view of the data in Tableau is refreshed).

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            Mark Bingham

            Hi Mark,


            Sorry for the late reply - but I've discovered a few things:

            1) Your suggestions have been helpful, and I considered removing the toolbar, but unfortunately it removed the entire toolbar, and not simply single icons.

            2) (According to a tableau Guru) The end user is unable to update Tableau Extracts with the 'refresh' button, which is what I have been using.

            3)The today() function will thus work for my purposes, however, the "GETDATE()/[UpdateDate]" approach would work just as well.  If I have been misinformed on the end user's ability to refresh, then I will most certainly use that approach.


            Thanks so much for your help!