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    Problem refreshing extract: "Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: FileDataStream::GetOutput"

    Can Pham

      I receive the following error message "Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: FileDataStream::GetOutput" when I do an incremental extract refresh (against an Oracle 11 database). The error message appears only when I try to refresh over a certain number of records (approximately over 500K), otherwise limiting the refresh to under 500K works fine.


      The error message occurs after Tableau completes importing the records while it is in the appending phase. However because my entire refresh can be about 10 million records, it is inconvenient to break up the refresh. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the issue and has any suggestions.


      I have Tableau 7.0.8 Desktop Professional on a decent laptop: i5 Core, 3 GB ram, and solid state drive.


      Thank you