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    How to create a Heat Map with multiple measures as rows?

    Antony Hilliard

      Hi, I'm a new Tableau user, trying to figure out how much data reshaping I need to do to get the plots that I want.  I'm trying to generate a "heat map" type shaded matrix, with:

      • time dimension as the columns
      • multiple measures as the rows
      • average for each measure over each time range as 'cell' shading.  Shading to be within-row.

      My multiple measures are production quantities for 10-12 different product types, over each time period.


      It seems from the Heat Map tutorial that I will have to re-code my multiple measures as one measure and an associated dimension (maybe a "production" measure, with a categorical "type" dimension?)  This is a pain, and confusing if I try to include other types of measures (e.g. profit for the time period).  Also, will I still be able to shade 'within rows' (e.g. relative to maximum/minimum for that particular product, not every product type)?


      The closest I've gotten is using "multiple mark types", when I assign multiple measures to the Y-axes.  However this gets me scatterplots, which take up too much space.  If I scrunch the Y-axes down far enough and squint, it might work... not ideal.


      Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks.