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    How do I get the running sum / running total to stop at the most recent month?

    Alan Bainbridge

      I am charting a turnover rate with 2011 year-to-date and 2012 year-to-date on the same chart.

      My X axis has the months Jan-Dec irrespective of year.


      My 2011 line tracks the cumulative turnover rate for each month in 2011 with the December rate being the Year-end rate. (as it should).

      My 2012 line tracks does the same, but I want it to stop tracking at the most current/most-recent month.  Instead it graphs a flat-line from the current month to the end of the year.  I want to eliminate the flat-line from the current month to the year-end.


      I've tried this two ways and found the same results:

      1. charting a monthly rate and using the "Quick Table Calculation - Running Total"

      2. Editing my calculation so it's a Running_sum of the rate.


      If I graph the individual monthly rates it includes all of 2011 and then 2012 stops at the current month.  But when I use Running_Sum or Running Total I get the flat-line-effect until the current year end..


      How do I eliminate this?