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    Multiple paramaters and filters

    Melane Nelson

      Hi there-

      I have a file with a Mgmt Heirarchy built in. I am trying to create a parameter that will let the user choose the Reporting Level and then only give them the available Managers to choose from. I was successful in creating a parameter for Reporting Level, i.e., All, Mgr, Mgr-1. When I create that and then a calculated field that then pulls the list of values in that field. i.e., All, gives the field Barney, Jones, Smith, null, All. and works for each of the remaining levels.


      The issue I am having is that they could choose the highest level of All and then filter on Mgr and choose Barney only, but the calculated field shows all values in Mgr-1, not just the values that are under Barney.


      I've attached a sample report, however my actual file has 6 levels of managers with possibly hundreds in each level, so I need it to filter out the ones that don't count. I have tried even creating a 2nd level of calculated field based upon the choice in the first one, but I'm coming up empty.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!



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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Melane,


          Your case statement for the calculated field "Select Report Leader" references the Aliases (Display As) of the parameter values, not the Values themselves.

          VALUES       DISPLAY AS

          DRG         =       All

          DRG-1      =       DRG

          DRG-2      =       DRG-1


          You should just be able to alter your case statement to be:

          CASE [Reporting Level]

          WHEN "DRG" then [Mgr]

          WHEN "DRG-1" then [Mgr-1]

          WHEN "DRG-2" then [Mgr-2]



          A suggestion for your "dynamic" filtering option would be to expose the Select Report Leader as a quick filter.

          That way, the values offered in the filter will change based on the parameter selection.


          Hope this helps!