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    Amazon/EC2 Distributed Tableau Server

    Matt Morgenroth

      Many customers of Tableau are using Amazon's new cloud offerings for Tableau Server.

      Several challenges have arisen from this new environment and we should share experience as much as possible to help us help each other.


      Specific to distributed Tableau Server, this is where more than a Tableau Server primary is used.  The worker installer is installed on a second machine and connected for greater capacity: http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/current/server/en-us/distrib.htm



      Here are the general steps that helped one customer:

      1. Set up an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

      2. Launch Windows instances into the VPC

      3. Set up EIPs for each windows instance

      4. Install Active Directory in the VPC using the internal IP addresses as the static IPs

      5. Make sure that Tableau ports are open on the VPC security group (best for all ports to be open and firewall to be off during installation).


      Some commands to help troubleshoot installs:


      tabadmin status -v (verbose status, will include that of the worker with IP addresses listed)

      tabadmin licenses (tells you what the licensing status is, how many cores were detected (if core license) and give helpful errors if appropriate)

      tabadmin init --i (re-initiates installation, sort of like a 'repair install' command.  does not overwrite any data/config)


      netstat -aonb (tells you what processes are using what ports, rather verbose, may need to output to text file at root of C drive by adding "> C:\netstat.txt")


      ipconfig /all (get your IP addresses correct, see if there are multiple adapters that may be causing confusion)