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    Is it possible to automate the process of refreshing a workbook (being used as a template) with new data using custom SQL?

      I am currently working on a workbook that's being used as a template. It has multiple dashboards with 7 different data connections.

      Everytime I need to analyze a project, I need to manually refresh the data connections (the backend data structure for every project is the same) using 'Edit connection'.

      The plan is to shift to Hadoop Hive. Which means I could use Tableau to connect to Hive tables.

      So, let's say I have 7 Hive tables for each of my projects on the server. And I need to automate the process of refreshing my template with data from one of the projects. Is there any possible way to: firstly, connect to the desired 7 tables, and secondly, be able to refresh all the 7 data connections by the press of a single button?

      Please advise.