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    How can I attribute a calculated field aggregation to different dates?

    Luis Campos



      Iam working with data that concerns Post-secondary education in Brazil. As an example of my problem I will use a sample of Medical schools. I want to compare the number of students that were admited in 'year t', with the number of students that graduated in 'year t+6' (Medical school lasts for six years.) The data for year is discrete and I need the to informations, admited and graduated, in one axis.


      This would be easy to do by altering my data base if I only needed the numbers sumed up for Brazil. The problem is that I need to be albe to filter for Regions and other dimensions (different courses, public or private etc.)


      Attached is the .xls sample (Sample) and a .ppt (model) of what I am looking for. 


      This is my first time using this forum so I hope nothing stupid comes out.


      Thanks in advance,