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    Problem in Refreshing extract(Urgent)

    ayush tandon

      I have published my dashboard using a data extract. I have put a schedule for it. But it is not refreshing on its schedule. Another thing is that when i click on "Run Now" link then it only gives a message as "1 task submitted for refresh" but nothing happens. Please tell me the whole process of refreshing if i am leaving any step.



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          Vusi Nkomo

          You will need to provide a little more information as to which data sources you are refreshing from. Also, what error message do you get when you view your background tasks in the maintenance section.

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            Joshua Milligan



            You won't get any feedback on the screen where you see "1 task submitted for refresh", but have you checked the background tasks dashboard to see more detail?


            Tableau Server has background processes that handle refreshes (and other maintenance and cleanup).  You can see what's going on by clicking on "Maintenance" under Administration and then "Background Tasks".


            From there you can see the progress of the extract and whether it succeeds or fails and error messages, if any.