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    design recommendations for viz

    Hunter Schimpff

      I was hoping to get some design pointers. I am stuck right now and haven't quite tableau-ed what I'm hoping for.


      I have a list of schools, and am reporting on their proficiency levels in a particular subject for 2011 (one data point) and then 2012 (2nd data point).


      If possible, I'd like to show the size of growth (or decline) between the two from yr 1 to yr 2.


      I've attached a screenshot of two possibilities I'm working on.


      On #1, I've connected the data points with a line and am able to show growth. The drawback here is that if there is negative growth, it is the same set of colors, which is a bit confusing to users. The other drawback is I have 2 schools that don't have 2011 data points in this subject, so nothing appears when these schools are selected.


      On #2, it shows the points, and I'm using the side by side circle viz, but the size of growth is lost. When I try to add measure values to size, it reverts to a different viz and won't let me do it. And the 2 schools that have only 2012 data points aren't showing up either.


      Any tips on best way to represent, show growth (decline), and get those two schools to appear?