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    wss 3.0 + tableau server

      Hi I'm a new Trial User and I'm trying to embedd some views in WSS 3.0 where I have a System that I need to expand to BI.

      I've installed the Server, set the config files, copied the TableauEmbeddedView.dll in Assembly...but I can't load the web part, (from populate I can't see the TableauEmbeddedView)...

      Any help will be appreciate.


      Thanks and regards


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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Andrea -


          The sample web part that you've found is really only useful If you've implemented "Trusted Authentication" (also known as Trusted Tickets) on Tableau. That web part is designed specifically for that "style" of authentication in Tableau.


          I think WSS includes the good, old fashioned "Page Viewer" web part, which you'll just point at the Tableau Server URL. That is probably a better option for you.


          Hope this helps!

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            Thanks so much for your help...I'll give it a try...so do you think it's not possible at all to do like I try before, embedding tableau dll like a standard webpart?

            I have SharePoint, SQL Server and Tableau Server all in the same machine, do you ever try with trusted authentication? Is it a way in my situation?




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              Matt Morgenroth

              Trusted Auth allows your users to get into a Tableau Server view without authenticating again (they've already authenticated to Sharepoint, right?).


              As a general rule, Tableau Server should be on its own dedicated hardware for performance reasons.


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                Thanks Matt

                >allows your users to get into a Tableau Server view without authenticating again

                that's what I would like to obtain...so I have to proceed with trusted authentication...even in the same server?

                Do you ever try?

                Do you ever embed TS .dll into SharePoint as a "normal" web part or, as me, with the Page Viewer web part (I would like to do in the first manner but I can't...maybe with SSP...but I use membership authentication in SharePoint not AD...)

                As usual any help will be really appreciate, I'm trying to open my platform to BI tool and I've found TS very interesting



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                  Matt Morgenroth

                  Trusted auth is the correct route, and the dll we ship in the examples directory is the right way to go.

                  There is nothing about using the same server machine that should cause problems for the embed or trusted auth, but you must follow all directions for setting up trusted auth.  What will cause headaches is the performance problems likely to occur with such a crowded system.


                  Following the directions for trusted auth for sharepoint should get everything running.  Screen shots of any issues you run into will help us advise further.

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                    Thanks again Matt for your patience...the first problem is that I can't "load" the provided web part ( the TableauEmbeddedView.dll found inside extras --> sharepoint).

                    I've really copied it inside the Assembly directory of the Server (well I know quite well this operation 'cause I deploy in that manner my custom web part), I set the .config of the Sharepoint site providing the right row (with the right version not the one in exemples) BUT inside "populate" there isn't the Tableau web part!

                    So I have to do the dirty trick with native Page Viewer web part...

                    That's the first problem ...then I can configure the Trusted Authentication

                    If you can help me in this trouble I will appreciate very much