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    I want to use common filter for selected reports instead of global filter in Dashboard tab



      Here is what I am trying to solve my problem. My data is related to product which is having three variables, 1. Date, 2.Product, and 3. Count.

      Here I have to create three reports. 1. Summary table by product 2. Bar graph for Summary table (which is from 1). 3. Line chart for 12 months period.


      I have successfully create these three charts. Here my problem is I want use two filter conditions. 1. Date (which must be common filter for 1 & 2 reports) 2. Product filter (Which is for global filter for all these three charts).


      So, I am not able to use common date filter for chart 1 and 2.


      Is there any way I can use common filter condition for selected reports instead for global filter in my dashboard.

      Because I don't want to apply date filter for every report in my dashboard.


      I deeply appreciate if some one help me on this.