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    Set the parameter value

    Meng Hui

      Hi all,


      I have a workbook that using year and month parameter for filtering. Is that possible that I want the value for Year and Month parameter automatically change according to the current Year and Month?


      For example, I have set the Year = 2012 and Month = May, then I published the workbook to server.

      When comes to September 2012, when I view the workbook in the server, it can automatically showing data for September 2012. In the same time, if user want to choose to view others month data, the workbook able to show the data based on user selection.


      Is there any workaround?

      Appreciate your feedback.


      Thank you.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ming,


          If it's a parameter that is being used, then whatever the value is set to will show in the parameter--there currently is no way to have the parameter automatically choose the month of today's date. A calculated field could created and used as a filter, however, this changes the functionality which your probably trying to keep intact:

          datepart('month', [Order Date])=datepart('month', today())



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            Meng Hui

            Hi Tracy,


            Thanks for your help.


            If I am using calculated field:

            datepart('month', [Order Date])=datepart('month', today())


            Is that mean I am not able to use Month filter to allow user to choose the month? Since it will has a conflict between calculation field and filter.


            Please advise.


            Thanks in advance.