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    Does Tableau support sorting on previous day?

    Chuan Huang

      It looks like sorting in Tableau is column based, so it is hard for us to automatically sort by one field on the previous day unless users click on the sorting button.


      For example, I hope the default view for the last 7-day report (screen shot is attached) is sorting desc by "Amount" on the previous day (in this case, the previous day is Oct 7). As we know, once we publish our setting to the server, tomorrow the previous day will be Oct 8 instead of Oct 7. However since we sorted this report by the column of Oct 7, this report will still be sorted on Oct 7 - but Oct 7 is no longer the "previous day" then


      Is there any way we can sort by one field on a RELATIVE date/column instead of a particular column? If not, I think it is definitely an useful feature enhancement that I can suggest for Tableau 8.