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    Showing action and filter in the same page

      We are in the process of building a dashboard for users who would be navigating across different dashbaords, with broad arrays of action filters and global filters. The action and global filter cannot co exist (at least I could not find an option). I have 2 questions:


      1. Is there any way to have both action and global filters in the same dashboard?

      2. If not, is there any workarounds?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Mainak,


          It depends on what the action is and what it is meant to do. It is possible to have a filter on a dashboard along with an action. If you are able to post your workbook (twbx file) along with a description of what you want to do, I'll take a closer look.



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            Hi Tracy-


              Thanks for your note.


            I would not be able to share the dashboard as it contains confidential information. I will try to summarize it over the note with general information. I completely understand that it may be difficult for you to visualize the questions in the absence of the dashboard, but any suggestions would be great.




            1. Cover page contains the summary of all vendors. A user will choose a specific department, with merchant number and vendor number from the cover page

            2. Dpt no, Vendor No and Merchant No will pass on as parameter to the successive dashboard for more detailed view. We have used action filters for navigating to the successive page

            3. Once the dashboard is viewed by the user, the requirement is to compare the figure or move on to different dept or merchant or vendor from the same successive page, without navigating back to the cover page

            4. We tried using Global filters, but since the parameter is passed on, it can either a) make it to show all (which will be all vendors, across all depts for all merchants). This can make the choice difficult for the user, since he/ she may not be aware of the specific vendor across diff depts. b) Only to the choices made in the cover page


            Do let me know if I am not being clear on this note.





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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Mainak,


              What if you added a small version of the cover page or just a list of the vendors, etc to the desired dashboard and ran the action from there?