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    Filtered data set based on a second source


      I took a course this week and I now know enough to be dangerous.


      Problem:  I have a primary database (SQL) source with a material number for each record. I now want to filter this set to my scope with a smaller set of material numbers.


      I've tried importing a secondary data source (Text File) with a list of material numbers in scope.  The material numbers link up well and the ones that don't show a Null.  For example, each column represents a data source.   


      10-5-2012 3-27-04 PM.jpg


      I can filter out the Nulls; however, when I start to use this data I have to keep material number in the worksheet which is bulky and not usually wanted. I'd rather do a match them all first and have something I can filter on.  Hence, I tried some formulas to create a T/F, but then I could either not filter on it later, or it would bark something about aggregated data source.


      The only solution I've found is cumbersome, which is to write a calculation (Calculation1 above) like that manually checks the primary source material number.  I have over 100 of these numbers, so this is impractical to manage. 


      IF [Material Num]="728255" THEN "True"

      ELSEIF [Material Num]="728256" THEN "True"

      ELSEIF [Material Num]="781153" THEN "True"



      I could ask my admin to create a table for me, but I'm sure there is an easier way.  What's a good way to get these two sources to work together?


      Can someone point me in the right direction?