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    Hide Columns?

    Ramya Jayaram


      I am trying to hide a row dynamically[ Attached is the sheet]

      Reading the previous discussions I tried adding a filter and to exclude nulls as well as in coding, it wouldn't work for some reason.

      Can anyone help me?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          It appears that you are trying to get rid of the Cummulative_Variance pane when the parameter is set to No? If that is case, the situation you are running into is that Tableau is always drawing the pane because Cummulative_Variance is a continuous measure and Tableau is drawing an axis for that, even when the Cummulative_Variance field is Null for every row. When you add the filter based on the parameter, then you are filtering out the entire view.


          The workaround is to use a dashboard with the two charts, and not show the worksheet for Cummulative_Variance when the parameter is set to No. I've set this up in the attached.