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    Extract Vs Live Connection

    Dinesh Kushwaha

      When we use live connection we get fields grouped by Table Name but as soon as we start using extract  that table-wise grouping goes off. Is there any way to get that table-wise grouping while using extract?

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          Alex Kerin

          You can create hierarchies manually by dragging dimensions on top of each other.

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            Dinesh Kushwaha

            That is correct but when you drag field from hierarchies then it come with plus sign & by clicking + sign it will expand to lower hierarchies & that create confusion to users.Also the report format get disturbed. I'm lokking for an option extactly like table in connect live option. no drill down or drill up.

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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Dinesh,


              Currently, there is no way to do this. This would be a good one for the Ideas section!


              When creating an extract, it essentially flattens all the tables and makes them one table instead of multiple. One option may be to rename the fields so that you can tell which tables they come from.



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                Eric McDonald

                This is a frustrating feature as it also changes the way SQL is executed on the database. If you create a local datasource joining 2 tables you get the table -> field structure. Publish it to the server and you lose the structure. Open from server and save locally and structure comes back. Alternative is to publish datasource for each table and merge but this means you need to put merge field on details shelf.


                Need fixed!

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                  Dinesh Kushwaha

                  Thanks Tracy.


                  Thats what I did as an workaround but it won't be possible always because after completion of report you usually look for a meaningful name. At that time again you will reach to same situation.



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                    Dinesh Kushwaha

                    Hi Eric,


                    This problem I also noted in Version 7.0. It was not there with Version 6.0. So they can easly revertback. this feature was more good in version 6.x I think this happend because of the introduction of data server idea. But introduction of new things does not mean to lost the exist good feature. I agreew ith you that thsi need fixed . Probably a rollback to version 6.0 way or they need to incorporate version 6.0 code along with data server of version 7.0.