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    (C++ Exception: Bad allocation) error while exporting data from Tableau Server Workbook

      I have a Tableau Workbook which is basically a simple report with a table like structure.


      The workbook contains about 10 columns and about 1 million rows. The report is shown below (Low Rez on purpose)



      When i click the Data option



      A new browser window gets opened and i click on download Rows option.


      After that i get the following error


      Tableau Error.PNG



      I know this is related to the huge volume of data that is there in the report because if i filter the data and the export is that subset gets downloaded fine. But not with all the data ie 1 Million rows.


      I would like to know if tableau is capable enough to handle such huge amount of data, if yes then how can i fix this error.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Damanjeet,


          The message "C++ Exception: bad allocation" typically indicates that one of the processes being accessed on Tableau Server has reached the upper memory limit available to the process.  This is usually caused when running Tableau Server in a 32-bit environment or with versions prior to 7.0.4, which have a limit of 2 Gigabytes of accessible memory.  With 7.0.6 on a 64-bit machine that limit has been increased to 4 Gigabytes.

          To diagnose this type of message please take the following steps:

          1. If Tableau Server is not on the latest version I recommend upgrading to 7.0.8 to take advantage of the memory improvements, which will help avoid this message.  I have included upgrade instructions below.

          2. Break up workbooks that contain many dashboards and worksheets into multiple workbooks if possible. Additionally, if your dashboards contain many complex worksheets, you may wish to lessen the number of worksheets per dashboard.

          3. Prevent competition for hardware resources by turning off any other applications running on the Tableau Server machine.

          If the above information does not resolve this issue send the following information to our support team at support@tableausoftware.com:

          1. Description of what actions were being taken prior to the message. (what views were being accessed, what was being clicked on, etc)

          2. Configuration information for the Tableau Server.

          3. Screen shot of the Task manager Processes tab sorted by memory
          --Please select the "Show processes from all users" check box at the bottom.

          4. Date and Time the issue occurred.

          5. Log Files (See http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/knowledge-base/creating-tableau-server-log-files for instructions on bundling and sending the log files)
          --Please note the -d option may return an "Invalid date specified" error.  If it does, please leave the -d option and date out when creating logs for our review.


          Hope this helps!