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    Passing Measure Filter From One Worksheet To Another In Dashboard

    Jason Krantz

      I have a dashboard that contains an aggregate sales sheet and a detailed sheet with a hierarchy in place for drilling down. I have a measure filter in place to allow users to adjust the sales metrics that they are looking at. For example, the aggregate report shows sales $'s by default, but I also have it where they can bring in GM $ and GM % by checking those boxes.


      I am using actions to filter the detail sheet to just the relevant data selected in the aggregate sheet, but I cannot seem to do the same with the selected sales metrics. The aggregate sheet will show $, GM $ and GM %, but the detail just shows $. GM $ and GM % are not getting passed down to the lower level report. How can I pass the measure filter to the lower level sheet? I looked for global filters, but can't find it anywhere for measures. I could have independent sets of metric filters for each sheet, but that consumes valuable screen real estate.