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    apply filter to single measure

    Jim Stitt

      Hi, I am trying to create a dynamic scattergram of one time series -vs- another, giving users the ability to chose each of the time series from dropdown filters. The challenge is that all of the time series data (for 9000 different time series) are contained within a single Measure. This is based on the database structure the information is extracted from. One solution for a smaller data set would be to create a pivot table within the sql extract statement (Time Series Columns, dates as rows) then create 2 long if-then calculated fields based on parameter values, however this fails once you exced the maximimum number of columns sql will allow.

      So, what I have done is copy the Measure that contains my data into an X Axis and and Y Axis Measures. I would like to apply filters to each of these Measures independently of one another, where the filter criteria are data Dimensions.


      Any help would be appreciated.




      Message was edited by: Jim Stitt As per request, I am attaching a sample data set. The data to graph is in the amountvalue Measure. The time series are in either amounttypecode, or amounttypename. thanks