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    can I hide data so as not to export to excel?

    Susan Anderson

      I was trying to create a basic list report with say 3 textual fields as below.


      Company Name     Company Contact      Address

      ABC                         Joe                           1 The street

                                      Bob                           2 The street

      XYZ                          Jim                           3 The grove

                                      Gary                         4 The grove     


      My initial problem with this was when exporting to excel I really wanted the Company Name field to be repeated on each row so that when filtering in Excel the data makes sense.  However, I saw from the forum that this is not possible and so then introduced a row number field to give me the results I required. So I now have..


      Row Num     Company Name     Company Contact     Address

      1                    ABC                    Joe                         1 The Street

      2                    ABC                    Bob                         2 The Street

      3                    XYZ                     Jim                          3 The grove

      4                    XYZ                     Gary                         4 The grove


      Now my next thought was it would be handy to "hide" the Row Num column so that when exported to excel I just export the fields I am really interested in since Row Num is really just a dummy field.  Can this be done or does this have to be done in Excel?


      Thanks :-)