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    Connecting Tableau with Websites

    Philip George



      Is there any way to connect Tableau with Websites?


      I want to pull data from websites.Data in website is in tabular form and data changes in specific intervals.


      Thanks in advance.



      Philip George

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          Russell Christopher

          HI Philip --


          You can copy and paste an HTML table from a web page into Tableau, but there is no way to permanently "bind" a Tableau Data Source to a web page and have it use the web page as a dynamic source of data.


          There may be some ODBC drivers that can accomplish this for you, and if you can find one, Tableau could use the ODBC driver to connect to the page...but we don't support what you're asking for "out of the box".


          You might also be able to locate tools which are used to "scrape" web pages and drop the result to a csv file on your file system that we could connect to.


          Sorry, and good luck!

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            Alex Kerin

            You could even use ODBC within Excel to pull the data in, then connect Tab to that. You would still need to open Excel though to update.