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    Show the growth rate in an annotation with points

    Vinicios Cesar

      Hellow there..


      I need to show the growth % in the graph, and i want to use this with annotations.. but when i change the graph filter, the annotation goes out..


      I need to show the Last month x the First month (like the pic)


      The user can change the filter anytime.. so, the annotation need to be dynamic..



      Someone know what can i do?



      very thanks..

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          Jonathan Drummey



          Annotations in Tableau are context-dependent. A mark annotation has access to information about the mark, whilst point and area annotations have access to much less information. When you change the filter, Tableau draws new marks, so the original mark annotations vanish.


          To duplicate your view, I tried a dashboard with combination of a couple of bar charts and reference lines, along with a variety of table calculations. It would take Even then, it would be more work to do things like center the % change, and even with that the graph wouldn't look as polished as the graph you posted. See the attached for an example using the Superstore sales data.



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            Vinicios Cesar

            Very thanks..


            It solves my problem when the chart need the growth of the SUM..


            When the chart need to show the growth of the members of the category(stacked bar), the % appears glued to the other..


            i need to put they in the "same axis" of the chart..



            Thanks for your help =)

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              Jonathan Drummey

              One issue with trying to put everything in the same worksheet aka "same axis" is that the width of the worksheet is determined by the dimensions in it, Tableau doesn't let you arbitrarily add space to one side or another of the chart area to fit in annotations/legends/labels the way Excel will. That can lead to really cramped text, which is why I set up the second worksheet. It would be possible to set up a dual axis on a single worksheet to show the % change from first, however, the dashed line for the last month would not be able to use dashes.


              I'm not sure what changes you are making to the first worksheet, are you wanting to show different measures or filter dimensions, or both? There are means to deal with all of the situations in Tableau in the dual worksheet example.


              For example, for measures you could use a parameter to swap out the measures within the calculated fields. For the dimensions, since the worksheets are separate, the filters are separate. You have three options here:

              - Use global filters (which would apply to every worksheet in the workbook)

              - Use a parameter and a calculated field to do the filtering

              - Use an action filter


              If you need help implementing this, posting a packaged workbook with some sample or mocked up data and your desired results would be helpful.