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    Show/Hide Columns or Rows based on Parameter

    Ed Kukec

      Hi all,


      I've attached a sample workbook that contains a simple data table that has a Date, City, Quadrant and Count.  I've added the Date, City and Quadrant as Columns and the sum(count) as the value in the crosstab.  Essentially what I want to do is create a parameter that allows which columns to show or hide in the grouping and aggregation. What I want is a parameter to the effect:


      Parameter Name: Group By Dimension(s):

      Values:  Group by Date Only

                   Group by Date, City

                   Group by Date, City and Quadrant


      If the user selects "Group by Date Only", the counts will be aggregated up to the Date and you wont' see the City or Quadrant as additional columns, they would in effect be hidden. If the user selects "Group by Date, City and Quadrant", the column shelf will include all 3 dimensions in the column shelf with the counts aggregated based on all 3 dimensions.  Hope this makes sense.  I figured this parameter would be based on some calculated field that show's or hide's dimensions but if there is another way to do it I would gladly use it. I've created the Parameter above in the worksheet.


      Any help would be appreciated.