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    Filled Maps & Urban Mapping.

    Shawn Wallwork

      Ian, first thanks for taking the time to contribute to these forums, and inquire about our wants/needs.


      So here's the problem, as I see it: Urban Mapping's background maps were originally set up to best display Tableau's marks and labels, without visually confusing or over-powering the marks and labels. The way you did this was to produce low-contrast, maps with muted colors. This works well for circle marks, etc. Unfortunately, when Tableau introduced filled maps, you didn't give us the ability to increase the contrast so the streets and roads could be seen through the fills.


      Here's your current low-contrast map:

      Base Map.PNG


      Here's how it looks when you put in filled ZIP codes

      Filled Map.png

      The roads practically disappear. So to get them to show we have to wash out the ZIP code fills to about 30%:

      Filled Map 30.png

      Now the road show (sort of) but the colors are so washed out they no longer have any meaning.

      Here's the background map I want:

      Base Map Hi-Con.PNG

      While this isn't the perfect solution, it will give us the ability to see the roads through the fill color at a 60%-70% opacity, which retains strong enough coloring to keep the meaning. If you and Tableau will give us this hi-contrast option, I promise I'll wash-out your maps when I'm only using circle marks.


      Thanks for listening.