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    New MCC.gov data - any ideas for creating country scorecards on tableau?

      Hi All -


      The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an innovative and independent U.S. foreign aid agency that is helping lead the fight against global poverty and they're taking some important steps to open up their data to the public. They also produce an annual scorecard in a PDF report with charts showing country performance against a range of indicators. These indicators and scores are used in their selection process for funding decisions, but are also an extremely useful summary of key development indicators.  This scorecard would be 1000 times more valuable as a tableau visualization, and would probably be pretty high profile in the international development community.


      I'm wondering if anyone is interested in looking at their data and suggesting ways that it could be served up in Tableau, with more compelling scorecards or dashboards showing the country level performance against the median scores.  Users will be most interested in seeing how countries compare across each indicator (perhaps via heat maps showing relative performance for each indicator), and being able to click on a country and see performance vs the median score (perhaps in a bar chart or scorecard format).  Just throwing out ideas and mainly wanted to see if anyone is inspired by this.


      Here's the pdf report showing the current scorecard report: http://www.mcc.gov/documents/reports/reference-2011001093001-fy12-scorebook.pdf


      Here are the two data sets (LIC and LMIC = lower income countries and lower middle incomr countries, respectively).




      Note these don't have prior year data (also attached in xls with some more background on the data.)


      and some notes on the data: http://www.mcc.gov/documents/data/pub-fy12-data-notes.pdf


      Thanks and let me know if you want to discuss this further.