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    Mark Label Differential Formatting

    Ralph Lindenfeld

      Is it possible to differentially format (color) mark labels, as in the attached example (markLabel.jpg), in a stacked bar chart like attached?





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          Jonathan Drummey

          When you are using Measure Names/Values, there is a single format used for all of the values, so that won't work. There are a couple of workarounds:


          - Use Reference Lines. This method lets you do any formatting you want, however, you'd have to generate calculated fields to locate each reference line to center it in each bar.


          - Use a dual axis, and put the labels with a different format on the second axis. This gets tricky with Measure Names/Values, and might not be possible. In that case you'd probably want to reshape your data so that all the Fund results are in one column, with the Fund as a dimension.